Be allowed to be a child

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Be allowed to be a child


The game is essentially free, as Johan Huizinga put it in the 1930s. To let children play freely, in a world in which even the youngest are increasingly determined by an appointment book, is unfortunately no longer self-evident. If kindergartens all over the world (I can speak here mainly for the Netherlands, but also Germany) boast of early childhood education and educational programs, then I am glad that my children have found a kindergarten in which being a child is the focus , based on the principles of Reggio pedagogy.


The offers that are made to the children by the day care workers, such as crafts, puzzles, painting or other, are here really free offers and not compulsory - as I unfortunately at another institution actually had the suspicion and impression. Sure, on Mother's Day and Valentine's Day, the kids are being asked a little more intensively, whether they also want to make a gift for dad or mom. But even this is just a normal process, teaching children not only independence but also responsibility for themselves and others and to strengthen the natural welfare instinct.


It is no coincidence that a Pippi Longstocking, who almost does nothing but play free all day long, is on the other hand one of the most empathic people in children's literature. Still, an adult Pippi would probably not be fully compatible with the surrounding world. Off to Takatukuland would be the only solution here. On the one hand astonishing that - to my knowledge, at least - never anyone has taken the question of what has become of the child Pippi in adulthood. With Peter Pan there was this attempt, although here the discovery of the child in the adult was in the foreground and the adult Peter does not get away really well.


Actually, I had started this article to write about the new dolls in our webshop. About how great are the dolls that we recently added to the assortment. But somehow I got lost and landed in the game. To make the bow:


Playing with dolls is one of the oldest forms of the game. It is of fundamental importance to children, but the little companions provide comfort and help in difficult situations. Nesthäkchen by Else Ury is the most famous doll mother. Their dolls were constant companions and play with them and let go of them indispensable for the transition to self-employment.


In the playful handling of puppets, experiences are processed, as well as responsible interaction is learned, the interaction between children is promoted. The prejudice that boys should not play with dolls, as they may develop too many feminine qualities, remains unabated today. Just like girls, boys need objects with which they can practice and learn empathy and social skills. What's better for us: a fully armed action doll or not an empathy doll? Roleplaying games are important for boys and girls, but straight boys need confirmation from adults in their roleplaying games.

The new dolls by Rubens Barn in our assortment are not only suitable for children and only as toys.


The empathy dolls also have a calming effect on dementia-afflicted elderly people and also offer people with a mental disability a chance to open up. For example, fewer sedatives and medicines need to be given when people with a behavioral disorder or mental illness are allowed to look after an empathy doll.


The empathy dolls impress with an individual personality, which gives the freedom to be charged with their own feelings and moods. The Rubens Barn therapy dolls are not only externally very similar to a baby due to their soft skin, the face and, above all, eye-searching eyes. It develops an emotional bond that comes close to a real parenting role.


The dolls are soft filled and weighted at the bottom, encouraging them to hold and carry the dolls like real babies.


Empathy dolls assume the role of a loved one in play and therapy. We have read from reports that it has been shown that anxiety and stress, in people with deficits in sensory development, can be reduced by dealing with the puppets. New feelings are discovered, their development supported and the understanding of emotions promoted.

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